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Welcome to NELP Connect – a community platform for workers' rights advocates. If this is your first time here, watch our video on how to navigate the site: 


Each of NELP Connect's communities focus on a particular area of work. The communities you belong to are listed on the homepage and the my communities page. Feel free to apply to our other communities – a list can be found on our additional community application form. Anyone who signs up for NELP Connect is added to our general forum – the NELP Connect Community. There, you can view and submit job announcements and upcoming events. The community also features a list of NELP's recent publications.

In addition to the online platform, each community has a corresponding listserv. You can find the listserv's email address at the top of each community's homepage. Listserv discussions are automatically posted to the community's discussion board and documents sent over the listserv are added to the community's library. You can update your email preferences for each community listserv here.

Thanks for connecting with us – if you have any questions, please email